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Understanding Diamonds

A diamond is simply pure carbon crystal. If you explore the chemistry of diamond, it's pure carbon. The arrangement of the carbon atoms otherwise makes it a novel gem. A diamond is taken into account precious from the traditional times and is well-liked for its strength.

How a diamond is formed?

Diamonds ar fashioned within the earth thousands of years past below extreme heat and pressure. This extreme heat and pressure within the earth transforms this carbon into crystals and colorless. though diamonds ar fashioned within the earth, the volcanic activities ar thought to own brought them to the surface of the planet within the period. Hence, these volcanic pipes ar found to own diamonds in them. once a number of the minerals combine with the carbon, the diamond takes another colorize it. Such diamonds that ar coloured ar terribly rare and valued a lot of than the conventional diamond, that is colorless.

Some of the diamond mines

Diamond mines ar found in North American country and Australia. Diavik Diamond Mines is found in town, territorial dominion North American country. it's calculable that this diamond mine reserves ar ninety five.6 million carats. The Argyle diamond mine found within the Kimberley region within the so much north of Western Australia is one in every of the favored mines that turn out the Argyle diamonds. This mine produces over one third of the world's production of diamonds.

How diamonds ar valued?

Diamonds ar valued by their Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight. you ought to keep in mind the four C's that ar accustomed price diamonds. Cut, Color, and Clarity ar} accustomed measure the standard of the diamond and therefore the final C, that is Carat, is employed to live the scale of the diamond. Man creates cut during a diamond and therefore the different C's ar fashioned in nature.

Types of diamonds

When minerals ar mixed in nature with the diamond, it provides the characteristic color for the diamond. supported the sort of mineral that's mixed, we will classify the diamonds in to several sorts. the subsequent ar the colours that ar found within the diamond.

Yellow: this color is created once atomic number 7 is combined with diamond crystals.

Blue: throughout the formation of the diamond if components of B ar mixed then the diamond are going to be in blue color

Green: inexperienced color is caused as a result of a ignored atom within the lattice of atoms.

Brown: Any dislocation within the lattice of atoms causes brown coloring within the diamonds.

Pink: Dislocations within the lattice ignored atoms, and a few impurities that ar non-nitrogen causes pink colorize diamonds.

Carat - The unit of measurement

Carat is that the unit that's accustomed live diamonds. within the earlier days, diamonds were weighed by victimisation the carob bean tree seeds. A seed from this tree was thought-about together carat. Now-a-days one carat is cherish zero.2 grams. Diamonds of but one carat ar referred to as pointers. Suppose the burden of diamond is zero.18 grams, so it's referred to as eighteen pointers. The a lot of the carat the a lot of is that the worth of the diamonds.

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